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WeChat is proving itself as an indispensable tool for Chinese digital marketing. It’s obvious the biggest brands worldwide are looking to get involved in the marketing opportunities it has to offers due to the measurable benefits the partnership offers to both sides. WeChat Moments, in particular, offers big brands the opportunity to gain more exposure and interaction for their brand and its products, while improving communication with their target audience. In fact, two of the most popular brands in the world, Chanel and Crabtree & Evelyn Australia, recently used WeChat Moments as part of their digital marketing campaigns and reaped the benefits this app, and this feature, has to offer.


Where Wechat marketing is concern, establishing something and waiting for it to

 yield results simply won’t work. To build a strong brand effectively, businesses 

need to bring to their A-game and be extremely proactive in their approach 

towards follower acquisition to ensure maximum reach and customer 

engagement. To achieve this through Wechat, brands can do two things: employ 

the use of Key Opinion Leaders(KOL) and advertising. However, as with any 

marketing tactic, these methods work best when used together. Using both tools 

simultaneously ensures maximum touch points with your target market and 

provides your brand with the opportunity to connect with its customers on a 

much deeper lever.

Wechat group is perhaps the easiest way to get your content to potential 

customers who are interested in your product or service. In a way, it acts as a 

forum where you get the chance to develop a personal relationship with your 

target audience and convey relevant information to your customers. To ensure 

you are utilizing this feature in the most effective way, you need to post regularly

and make efficient use of peak engagement times. Capitalizing on this feature is

 bound to yield long-term benefits for your business in the form of loyal and 

returning customers.

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