Digital Marketing World

SEO & Website Audit

    A bird’s eye view on your SEO and website

    We offer an extremely in-depth SEO and website analysis on the three pillars in SEO that is about 40 slides. It details precisely what is wrong and how to fix it. At the end of the report we include an action plan where your team can implement or assist you in implementing.

    Three pillars in SEO

    We assess search engines’ ability to “read” your site, aligning metadata and mark-up with onsite content, and optimising site structure/navigation to ensure a robust user experience.

    We look for:
    1. Can Google “read” your site?
    2. Website backend structure
    3. Google approved information formatting


    Ensuring that all onsite content is aligned to your audience, what they’re searching for, and the keywords you want to rank for.

    We look for:
    1. Keyword gaps
    2. Keyword Research on Volumes/Trends 
    3. Competition Research

    Website and SEO audit 1


    We are evaluating external links and working with you to build an organically growing link profile, along with mentions or citations from brand advocates.

    We look for:
    1. Link Toxicity
    2. Competitor Backlink Profiles
    3. Authority Audit

    A combination of an up-front SEO audit and an always-on SEO support model equate to tangible business value