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The Most Popular Social Media Sites In China (and how to use them)

Social media in China isn’t the same as the rest of the world. Due to China’s online firewall, social media sites that we are used to, like Facebook and Twitter, don’t work there. It has lead to the creation of unique Chinese social media sites instead. Chinese social media marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that many businesses have not tapped into yet. By promoting your product or services on Chinese sites like Weibo and WeChat, you can target a whole new online audience: 911 million and counting. That’s a lot of potential customers that you’re otherwise missing out.

Here at Digital Marketing World, we offer a range of marketing strategies, including Chinese Social Media Marketing. In this post, we discuss the most popular social media sites in China and tell you how to use them effectively.

Social media site: WeChat

What it compares to: WhatsApp

How it differs: WeChat is an online messaging app, but it’s also so much more than that. WeChat is a one-stop application for all of your needs. It allows you to do a range of things. For example, getting a taxi, book a doctor’s appointment, making day-to-day mobile payments in WeChat Pay, playing games, creating business pages, and much more.

Social Media Site: Weibo

What it compares to: Twitter/ Instagram

How it differs: Weibo was launched three years after Twitter. These days, it surpasses Twitter in daily and monthly users. How come? Well, Weibo is the primary way that the Chinese population accesses news. It also takes on some inspiration from Instagram, allowing users to scroll through much visual information posted by celebrities and influencers.

micro topics

Social Media Site: Zhihu

What It Compares to: Quora

How it differs: So, like Quora, Zhihu is a popular question and answer site in China. The most significant difference is that Zhihu tends to be more specific, providing longer answers to more niche questions.

What’s more,’ Zhihu Live’ allows top users to do live broadcasts. There is an entrance fee involved, costing a few dollars to view each session.

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