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    We are an SEO agency in Melbourne that listens to your needs and objectives and formulates a strategy to get you there. We provide full digital marketing services ranging from SEO, social media management to paid ads services and custom websites or software.

    We make sure to work on a strategy to get you where you want to be. After understanding your business and competition, we can recommend one or more services that will drive you maximum ROI.

    The science behind profitable traffic

    As an experienced Melbourne SEO agency, we understand that choosing a set of profitable keywords to rank is very important from day 1. We combine our technical research ability with your industry domain expertise to get a list of profitable keywords for your business.

    Winning for you is winning for us 

    We pride ourselves as a business growth partner. Our team of software engineers and marketing specialists will experiment and measure the results of what is working to drive more sales to your business. We measure our success based on your success. No matter where you are at, we can grow your business to the next level.


    Our Case Studies

    Hangcha Forklift

    Before working with the digital marketing world, we were a small operation with only one employee. After 18 months of working together, our revenue hit over millions of dollars this year, thanks to Zack and his team. They are a highly recommended Melbourne SEO agency. We are always getting calls from Google every day, even during the pandemic. We can close sales effectively because our customers come to us.

    ——— Bill Y. (Owner of Hangcha Forklift)

    case study 1 digital marketing world

    Sky Solar Energy

    After five months of working together, we are averaging five new leads per day to our system. Digital marketing world also built a custom CRM (Customer relationship management) software for our whole team to use (sales, admin, installer, supplier, and manager). When a lead comes in, it goes directly to the CRM. It is far more efficient than our previous excel workflow. Now, SEO and CRM are critical to our daily operation.

    ——— Mr. Cai  (Owner of Sky Solar Energy)

    Riverside Apartments

    We have been working with Digital marketing world for six months. They have done an excellent SEO job for us. Previously, we were not ranking for keywords with strong commercial intent. After working with Digital Marketing World, we have seen our daily traffic double, bringing 25% additional revenue to our bottom line.

    ——— Cindy W.  (Owner of Riverside Apartments) 

    case study 3 digital marketing world

    We Build Successful Businesses Online

    growth seo agency melbourne

    Deliver laser targeted customers

    There’s nothing more satisfying than floods of customers coming to you eager to buy, and that is what we, an SEO agency in Melbourne, can bring to you effectively.

    Leads are the lifeblood of a business, so customers must be coming to you so you can predict precisely how many customers will come this month or the next. Your business will have a constant flow of leads, so there are security and peace of mind every day.

    It all starts with a set of profitable keywords with high commercial intent. The people who call you or fill in the website form will be laser targeted. They are hot leads interested in buying, so we make sure the leads are valueable. 

    Tried SEO Before?

    Common Issues

    An SEO campaign did not have profitable keywords. Hence, even you are on the first page. There is little commercial intent in the keyword, so you are not getting customers who are serious about buying. The reason could be a lack of professional knowledge and transparent communication.

    The SEO agency has a lousy work ethic, so work rarely gets delivered on time. Many agencies are only not doing the work or very little work on your websites. The bottom line is that they do not do what they say they will do.

    How we are different

    Firstly, we are a highly qualified SEO agency in Melbourne. We can deliver massive results to our clients; additionally, we have a good work ethic. We do what we say we are going to do.

    Secondly, we do not make fake promises, and we will only promise the things we can deliver on time.

    Lastly, we are transparent about the work and results we achieved. We breathe fresh air when you work with us with our professionalism and responsible attitude.

    How Much Does SEO Cost?


    We Price SEO Differently

    Our pricing structure is different from other SEO agencies. We have a base rate for SEO service, and the price remains the same if your focus keywords are not ranking under page 5 on Google. We are confident in our abilities to rank your website, and the pricing structure will bring maximum ROI to you.


    How Does SEO Work?

    SEO Works in Two Parts

    The first part is Onsite Optimisation 

    • The first phase is to optimise your website for SEO keywords. Our technical experts will use professional knowledge and our battle-tested experience to optimise your website for Google. At this point, keywords that are less competitive to rank may rank after optimisation. 
    • We need to optimise websites because they need to know what keywords you want to rank in Google’s view. We will fine-tune everything to make sure your website is ready for ranking.

    The second part is Offsite Optimisation 

    • The second part requires optimisation to think of the fuel you need to drive up the rankings. We acquire links that link back to your site to indicate to Google that you have authority, so your order continues to grow. 
    • Google’s website ranking algorithm is called PageRank. You can read more about it from Google here. The algorithm calculates the number of websites referring back and the quality of these websites, along with many other factors. 
    • Once we have both systems set up, your website should be ranking, and our team will work hard to improve on these rankings.


    Firstly, as a highly qualified SEO agency in Melbourne, we have a good work ethic and actually what we say we will do. Secondly, we don’t make fake promises, and we will only promise the things we can deliver on time. Thirdly, we are transparent about the work and results we achieved.

    Firstly we will discuss if you have any keywords you want to rank. Our team will incorporate your feedback as we search for keywords. We will use professional software and tools to analyse a set of profitable keywords. 

    When it involves how many keywords we tend to implement, we confer with you, discuss your budget and goals, and then settle on how many to target initially.

    Our experience typically shows an increase in traffic around month three, and sales should increase around month 6. We recommend let SEO campaigns run for at least a year since it depends on Google search algorithm updates and your competitors’ effectors. 

    It takes time for Google to increase a website’s reputation. We need to grow it at a healthy pace. One way to improve it dramatically usually requires spamming. The technique is called black hat SEO. Google will punish any site that does this and may result in permanently banning a domain from Google’s search results.

    If you are looking for fast results, we recommend running Ad. campaigns on Google or Social media platforms like Facebook.

    We rank a website regardless of geography. There is only one Google however, of geography, so the technique is the same.

    The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it depends. SEO is for businesses who want leads coming to them organically. But the process may take time, so if your business is looking for quick results, please refer to paid Ads.

    When the majority of your customer base is from Google searches, then the answer is yes, however, when your customers come from other social media channels, then recommend optimising that channel first. 

    If you are not sure, reach out to our team here, and we will recommend the best channel to do marketing.

    Yes, we work with eCommerce websites. We can rank any website. It doesn’t matter if it is a Shopify store or a website made by code from scratch.

    We have a base rate for our SEO service. You only pay for the base rate at the beginning. If our top 10 selected keywords are not ranking under page 5 of Google, you will continue to pay the base rate until the top keywords are under page 5.

    Yes, we offer a free audit on your business and website. Just click here to schedule a call with us.

    We can work with any website. But you may want to consider redesigning your website to look more modern, which will increase your conversion rate after your website gets traffic.

    Yes, it will increase leads and sales. As your traffic increases, a percentage of the traffic will turn into leads which will increase sales.

    It usually takes three months to see results. We recommend running an SEO campaign for at least a year. The nature of SEO is that gathering domain authority, and increasing reputation takes time. We want you to succeed not just in the short-term but long-term as well.

    The difference is that PPC is pay per click, so it refers to Google Ads, and SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation.

    PPC is where you pay for every click someone clicks on your ad. The system for doing PPC on Google is auction-based, so you set a budget, and the highest bidder will win a place in Google’s ad section.

    SEO is free and organic, so you don’t need to pay Google anything, but it generally takes more time. 

    We have in-house SEO specialists to optimise your content. Our company is located in Melbourne, and our work is done in-house.

    Our service includes SEO keywords selection, Google organic ranking, Google My Business management.