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Paid Digital Marketing Service

Introducing our Paid Digital Marketing Service

Here at Digital Marketing World, we offer a paid Digital Marketing service in addition to SEO. .This allows you to drive on demand targeted traffic to your website. Read on to find out more about how our paid marketing service works. 

 What is Paid Digital Marketing?

Well, paid Digital Marketing, or Digital Advertising, allows businesses to directly target consumers based upon their interests or intent. You can sell virtually anything online using paid channels. Therefore it is relevant for most businesses.

The  other great thing about paid marketing is that unlike SEO, you can start reaching potential customers straight away. Therefore it’s a great Digital Marketing strategy for startups looking to sell their products or services.

Paid Marketing is further subdivided into two categories: Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. 

Social Media Marketing ( SMM)

Popular Social Media Marketing Platforms:






Chinese Social Media: WeChat/ Weibo

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Popular Search Engine Marketing Platforms:





The benefits of Paid Marketing

The great thing about paid marketing is that it generates instant results. Therefore it is very useful in acquiring new clients quickly. Due to this, it allows to adjust your strategy depending on what drives sales and what doesn’t. 

What’s more, paid marketing allows you to boost your brand awareness, maximise content marketing and even gather market insights. Paid Marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be that expensive either. In fact, expenses can be adjusted depending on your budget and business size.

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