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How important is ZCM CRM Software for your business?

Nowadays Customer Relationship Management CRM software is a must-have for most companies. This ZCM CRM Software is very important for your business.

Business owners are struggling with the management of scattered information from different departments, like sales, accounting and inventory.

ZCM CRM Software will help you to solve all these problems. At its core, the software manages all data from different departments in one platform. This innovation will assist you to get work done easily and effectively, please read on.

Most CRM systems are typically designed for one department like sales CRM or marketing. In reality, companies’ information is scattered so you need to go through and check CRM, excel spreadsheet and accounting software multiple times to keep the information up to date. It is a lot of trouble.

The problem is that all companies’ information is not synced together. Our solution is linking every department in one platform so you can sync all your company’s information also keep track of what employees are working on.

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Let’s say you have a new lead coming in. You enter where the lead came from, eg website, social channels etc. You can assign a salesperson to that lead and enter basic customer information.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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So now, the salesperson will see the information entered in his screen. The sales cannot view customer information of other sales.

Let us create a sample customer.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Let’s click create a new customer.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Now we see the page redirect to the new customer page, where you see a simple customer information overall. The sales can see customer contact information and the item(s) they are interested to buy. The sales can also add a follow up for themselves.

Let’s click into the edit. Here is an example of a solar company’s system details. You can create a custom CRM field data for your company.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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In the customer field, sales can see information entered previously.

For system details, each company can create a custom CRM to make their own information field such as what service or inventory you have. Sales can enter service or inventory sold and how many pcs, so we can calculate how much inventory is left.

Under system details, look at amount fields. This is the amount your customer owes you. We will calculate last amount for you automatically.

If the deal is closed. The sales can enter the date when a contract was signed and upload that contract to the system, or any documents related to the user in file upload section. They can also enter customer payment details.


You closed a new deal.

Let’s click already signed.

Your sales’ job is done. They cannot view any page pass home and new customer. Now, your accountant or office admin will check if the deposit is actually paid to your account.

In deposit section, your accountant will see a new deal here. They will click edit and check customer details and click deposit paid if all customer information is valid and you have been paid using this smart CRM tool.

Next, we will go to the account where we show payable and receivables and we calculate company cash flow automatically.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Our solution is online so you’ll run online CRM so all department can use it effortlessly.

When all accounts are paid, we move this customer to the finished page, where we store it as a paid customer with all information saved.

If you would like to learn more, please give us a call or click here for more information.

Australia: 0488 892 116 | US: 6282460897

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