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    What is Google Ads
    Google Ads is a type of Digital Marketing based on Google Platforms. Businesses pay Google only when someone clicks on your Ad, hence the term Pay Per Click (PPC). Paid Ads are shown in every Google Display Network, for example, Youtube, Google map, Google Shopping and Google Search Results.

    Why We Need Paid Traffic
    Getting organic traffic is always important when we talk about digital marketing but it does take time to collect massive traffic converted to your revenue. For boosting your business in a more efficient time, sometimes we need a helping hand to make your business ranking to the top, which is where the paid traffic comes in.

    Google Ads Statistics
    Why we say that the PPC can help businesses stand out fast? Statistics tell us that: 1). On average businesses see a 200% increase in Return on Investment (ROI) with Google Ads; 2). Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search clicks; 3). 69% of calls from mobile to a business are from Google search. 

    If you’re ready to see the results, Digital Marketing World will get you started! 


    You will have access to your Google Ads account and all the assets we created for you. We will regularly report our progress and track your campaign’s progress. We want you to know as much about your campaign, and then you will learn how valuable our work is.

    We Care
    Your strategist and account manager is the same person. So communication is always efficient, and nothing gets lost in translation. We treat your campaign as our own and genuinely invested in your campaign success.

    No Lock-In Contracts
    Many agencies will lock you in for a 12-month contract. We only require a commitment of 3 months. After that, it is a month by month payment with no lock-in contract. We will earn your trust every month by providing you with valuable results.


    Discover Profitable Keywords
    Our in-depth keywords research will uncover profitable keywords. We incorporate powerful keywords with a compelling Ad copy so that valuable traffic is converted into hot leads.

    Optimise Campaign
    Once the website is getting traffic, we further optimise our campaigns so that we are showing up more and spending less. We can make sure our ad spend is optimal.

    Continuous Improvement
    Our team will continue to monitor and test new keyword groups through our diligent keywords research. Furthermore, we will always explore new ad creatives and segment groups to drive a higher return on your investment.

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