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chinese social media marketing

Chinese Social Media Marketing

Our Chinese Social Media Marketing Service

Our team can help you win the Chinese online market with Chinese Social Media Marketing. By doing this, your online business will be able to reach billions of Chinese users that otherwise may not have discovered your brand. Contact us today and find out more.

What is it? 

Social media marketing in China is different from the rest of the world. Instead of using social media platforms like Facebook, in China, other applications like We Chat dominate the market instead. 877 million users log in to We Chat every day, accounting for 30 % of all mobile traffic in China.

chinese social media marketing

By targeting these social media channels, our digital marketing team can help improve your site’s visibility. It will help you to generate more online sales.

Why do it?

Chinese social Media Marketing is still relatively niche in the Digital Marketing world. Our team can help you to get ahead of the competition. After consulting with you to understand your business objectives, we will develop a targeted Social Media Marketing Strategy. It will ensure that your products are advertised to the right people.

Our Digital Marketing team can help you to advertise your business on China’s most popular social media platforms, such as We Chat, TikTok, and REDchinese social media marketing

Contact the Digital Marketing World Team today

Our team will be responsible for making sure your site reaches the right online audience. In addition to this, we offer a range of other services. These include SEO Paid advertising and website development.

If you’re looking to set up Social Media Marketing, we are happy to help. Contact a member of the team today.