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AI And Digital Marketing: How It Helps

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into all areas of our lives. We’re using it in so many forms in our day to day lives from smart devices to self-driving cars.

AI is big news at the moment and we are finding new and innovative ways to use it on a day to day basis. As A digital marketer, using AI in order to help you do your job better might seem a little alien. However many savvy digital marketers have been using AI for some time in order to help them do just that.

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There are many reasons that you may want to consider using AI in marketing, which we will come on to in this post. So read on to find out more.

What is AI?

First things first, we need to actually understand what AI is. The term, Artificial Intelligence may conjure up notions of sci-fi movies featuring  robots however modern-day AI is a lot less glamourous. To put it simply, AI refers to machine intelligence, or the ability for machines to think and learn just like humans.

Why use AI?

So, we’ve created machines that think and feel like humans. Then why are we not just using humans in the first place? Well, there are quite a few benefits when it comes to using AI instead. Firstly, AI increases precision with fewer errors. It is also able to anaylze more detailed data and it is able to do so a lot quicker than humans would. What’s more because AI is based upon advanced machine learning algorithms, it is constantly adapting. Therefore the boundaries of what it can achieve are forever expanding.

Where AI fits in to Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is being used increasingly by Digital Marketers due to its effective data analysis. This means it can reduce work time and increase the quality of data extracted. This is particularly useful when trying to identify marketing trends.

Here’s how AI can help in Digital Marketing.

Increasing productivity- Because AI is able to learn, it means that you can automate repetitive tasks. This means that you are able to spend your time on more important tasks, saving both time and money.

Helps in data analysis- AI is able to conduct much more detailed, non biased data analysis which is really useful when trying to identify marketing trends. This means you are able to get a better picture of your audience through doing this.

It increases ROI- AI also helps you to gain a better ROI, or Return of Investment on money that you have spent. This is because you are able to get the data and have the time to create better, more targeted marketing strategies for your and digital marketing

How to use AI in Digital Marketing

There are many ways that you may want to consider intergrating AI into your business. Here’s how.

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Chatbots- You can add AI chatbots to your website, texts, emails and apps in order for you to engage with your customers more easily.

Personalised Product Recommendations

AI can be invaluable when it comes to understanding your customers buying habits in order to craft a more effective marketing strategy.

This is because AI can be used in order to track customers preferences and buying behaviour. Therefore you can promote products to them that you know they are likely to purchase.

We are only just beginning to discover the numerous ways that we can use AI in Digital Marketing. Either way, it’s big news in the Digital Marketing industry and its a consistent topic in most of the main conferences and summits set up for 2020 in Australia. 

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